Rules & Regulations

Access Cards

No member will gain access to Court House (the Club) without his/her Access Card. If a Member’s fees are in arrears, the Club will deny access to the Cardholder. The Card is not transferrable and any member that assists a non-member to enter the facility will have their membership terminated immediately. The loss of an Access Card will incur a $15 replacement charge.

Dress Code

Suitable clothing and trainers must be worn at all times while exercising.  Non-marking trainers must be worn on squash courts.  No cycling shoes (cleets) allowed in the Club other than the Group Cycle areas.


Are not provided at Court House. Members are expected to bring their own towels including a small towel for their personal use in the gym and at all classes.


Members are expected to always clean up after themselves. This includes the following:

  • put all weights, plates and bars away
  • water cups in trash before leaving
  • wipe off equipment after use with gym wipes and towel before moving on


To avoid injury and ensure proper warm up members are advised not to join a class after it has begun. Members should try to avoid leaving the class before it has finished in order to incorporate the stretch and warm down routines. Instructors may deny access to members should they come to class late.


Lockers are provided in the changing rooms for Member’s use whilst training only. Members are not permitted to leave their property at the Club overnight or longer. Any property left overnight or longer will be removed and the contents of the locker will be given to charity if they are not claimed from the Club within 14 days. The Club will not be held responsible for any loss, theft and/or damage of any property unless caused by a negligent act or omission of the Company or its employees.

Lost Property

Lost property will be cleared and contents given to charity if not claimed within 14 days. The Club does not accept responsibility for Member’s property left and/or stored on the premises.

Your Health

Members are advised not to consume a heavy meal or alcohol just before exercising. A thorough warm up before starting any strenuous exercise is essential. Upon feeling unwell or nauseous while exercising, the Members should stop immediately and request assistance from a member of staff if present. Please be considerate of other members and stay away from the clubs if you are ill with the flu, coughing and sneezing.


No smoking is permitted in the Club and no beverages and/or food other than water may be brought into the Club.


If you use Court House West and arrive by car, please ensure that you use the parking bays numbered 115-120. The parking lot is private, and parking in unauthorised bays will result in your car being clamped and a $200 fine for the clamp to be removed. Members must register their car at the reception desk each time they park in Court House parking bays. Parking is provided while you are in the Club only and is limited to 90 minutes.


Members shall not cause damage to the fabric of the Club or to any members or staff member either by will or neglect. Members shall not use threatening behaviour or violence towards any other member or staff member of the club. Members shall not conduct themselves in a manner which is detrimental to the welfare, administration and reputation of the Club.


The Club may permanently deny entry to any Member in the following circumstances:

  • If the Member commits a serious or repeated breach of the Rules and Regulations or the Terms of Membership.
  • If the Member provides the Club with details which the Member knows to be false when applying for membership and the false declaration would have reasonably affected the Club’s decision to grant the Membership.

The Rules and Regulations as contained herein are subject to change from time to time and Members and Guests of the Club should always familiarize themselves with the current Rules and Regulations in force which shall be available on the website. In particular, the Club may amend these Rules and Regulations at any time on reasonable notice to the Members if an amendment would improve health and safety or the Members or where recommendations of a public body or legislation so require.

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