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We have reopened Court House Squash & Wellness. We continue to rank cleanliness as a priority and have increased our protocols. Our operational approach includes all of the common practices put forth by the Minister of Health and the Government of Bermuda. As we wait for further guidelines, we have put in place our company guidelines below.


Operational Hours 

The facilities will be open Monday to Sunday from 6:00am – 7:00pm. This allows us to maintain a rigorous cleaning schedule to sustain the health and safety of our membership. 


We have implemented a strict 'No Shirt, No Work-Out Policy'. Members will be required to wear at minimum a short sleeve T-Shirt while working out. We are trying to limit the amount of skin exposure to maintain the health and safety of our staff and members. Sleeves will be required and we will not allow tanks, sports bras by themselves and midriffs to be exposed. If you are in doubt, please ask. 

Personal Towel 

We have always had a personal towel policy, however, this will now be enforced at a stricter level. If you do not have a personal towel you will be asked to leave the gym. The personal towel is only to be used on your body as we provide medical-grade sanitized wipes to use on the equipment.

Shower & Locker Room Facilities

The shower and locker room facilities will remain closed. Please come ready to workout. Limited lockers will be available at each gym for personal belongings but there is no changing or congregating in the locker room. Please wait until it clears before entering.



We have implemented "A Machine In Between Policy" which means no member can be on the machine directly to the left or right of another member working out. Limited amount of spaces will be available in the gym so we are asking members to stay on the machine until they have completed their sets – wipe off, clean up and then move on. We are also asking members to limit their workout times to 1 hour or less. In the event that the gym is at capacity, you will be asked to wait until a member leaves.


Please use the hand sanitizer when entering the gym. All members will be required to wipe down the machines and weights before and after use. Our staff will also be walking around to wipe down the equipment and common touch areas. We have doubled the amount of medical-grade machine wipes around the gym to make it even easier to gain access when needed. Additionally, cleaning companies will be coming in on a nightly basis to completely sanitize and disinfect the gyms. 

Water Supply

Members will be required to bring their own water bottle to the gym. Water bottles can be re-filled in the Cardio Center as the water dispenser is a hands-free unit. All other water dispensers will be unplugged to prevent touching of surfaces and spreading germs.


Squash will be permitted on the same booking system as usual. Try to avoid touching the glass and running into the walls. The squash courts will be cleaned daily.


We have taken out some pieces of equipment and distanced most of our remaining equipment where we see fit. The "A Machine In Between Policy" will support the social distance guidelines. To prevent contamination we have removed all resistance band equipment, mats and foam rollers. If you require any of those items please bring your own and do not share with other members.


Masks will be required when entering, leaving and moving around the gym, however, not while physically working out.

Active and Inactive Members 

Only active members will be permitted entry into the gyms. If you would like to reactivate your account please call 441-292-8357 or email [email protected]


Virtual Classes will remain on the schedule. We will also be offering outdoor classes starting on Tuesday, June 16. We are hopeful that more classes will be allowed as we move into the next phase. Indoor classes will be added when permission is granted.


We are asking our members to help out by policing other members throughout the gym. If you see any of your fellow members violating any of the advised guidelines, we are asking you to speak up or notify a staff member. If you do not adhere to our guidelines you will be asked to leave. Failure to do so may result in your membership being cancelled.



We are all learning daily. The New Normal is a way for us to open up and get our members training. We look forward to greeting you and continuing to encourage a healthy lifestyle in a safe and healthy environment.

We have had hundreds of enquiries and requests in regards to member accounts. We can assure you that all of the individual requests will be addressed over the next several weeks. We are asking for your patience as we undertake this enormous task. Of course, we are always available to take your call at any time.

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