Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Steinhoff


We're thrilled to have Lindsey onboard as our yoga instructor. She brings over 15 years of yoga expertise and radiates good vibes and pure creativity. As a young girl, she grew as a budding ballerina and later a professional musical actress, bringing a unique experience to her yoga sessions. 

Her classes are already becoming the perfect way to unwind and reset your mind and body. We had a chat with Lindsey on why yoga is important and how you can use it as a tool for strength and self-awareness. 

What Does Yoga Mean To You? 

Finding balance; it's about slowing down and finding strength in stillness. We are constantly 'go, go, go' and are in our heads and not in our body which creates anxiety and depression. Yoga is about living in the moment. You are living moment to moment so finding the balance between strength and flexibility is important. 

How Are Your Classes Structured? 

My classes are on Tuesdays at 5:20 pm, so it's a nice way to end the day. I focus on technique (alignment) because I don't want anyone to hurt themselves. I want to find the right amount of energy before they slow down. I have noticed that people want to slow down. 

I try to have everything guided by breathing. It helps people stay in the moment and stops your mind from wandering. The class has a chilled flow to it. A lot of thought goes into my playlist to ensure it is in tune with the class. It can range from piano instrumentals to drum beats - you can always expect happy and soulful vibes. Once people relax we focus on stretching. 

As core work is the foundation to every move you need, we focus on guided breathing. When I was a ballerina, I had to get a double knee surgery, and over the years I injured everything. Therefore, I want to prevent people from injury and use power and balance poses to build strength and to check where your mindset is. Balancing is key - we don't even think about it. 

How Important Is Breathing? 

Breathing can be used as a tool to reduce anxiety, live in the moment and find strength through stillness. When I was acting, if you lost a line or were having trouble getting an emotion, everyone used to say 'take a deep breath' and 90% of the time, the trick worked. The line or emotion needed would appear. 

Lowering your breath into your body calms you down and gives you confidence and power going into a variety of situations. Whether you're stuck in traffic, dealing with family situations or stressful work circumstances, your whole mindset can change by breathing exercises. By taking three deep belly breaths, your focus and mindset can immediately improve. Try it!

If you're interested in picking up yoga for the first time or continuing from where you are, there's a place for you in Lindsey's class. For those looking for a challenge, Lindsey welcomes you and encourages you to come as every basic posture has a more advanced step. 

"Living in the moment is vital to our happiness." 

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