Resolutions into action



Have a focused goal 


If you're serious about achieving fitness goals this year, take action and stay focused - despite the difficulties the pandemic has thrown at us. Use a combination of long-term and short-term goals to keep motivated. For example, if you have a long-term goal of losing 50 pounds this year, you need to have a short-term goal of losing about a pound a week. We all know that small steps over time lead to big results. The same rule applies to fitness. 


At work and in business, you're always planning, measuring progress, and re-aligning your efforts to achieve targets. Set yourself up for success and treat your fitness goals in the same way. By writing your goals down and keeping them in constant sight or setting up reminders in your phone, you become more accountable and likely to stay on task. Use technology. By now, you know we love the Technogym MyWellness App. It's a brilliant fitness companion app inside the gym and outside of it. However, you could also use Evernote, traditionally a note-taking app, to visually document your transformation and make notes on your workouts. Visually seeing the progress is gratifying. 


Share your resolution with others  


If you have challenging goals that you are working on and no one knows about it - it's easy to talk yourself out of it or procrastinate. By sharing important goals that matter to you with family, friends and colleagues, you will immediately have a team of supporters rooting for you. 


Team up with a friend or trainer 


We see lifelong bonds created at Court House. Whether it be on the squash courts, at group exercise classes or in the group cycle studio, it's the shared values of fitness that keep people coming back for more. If you have a colleague or friend that works out at Court House, team up with them. Accountability skyrockets when you commit to exercising with someone else because you won't want to let them down.


If you want to have an explosive year, investing in a personal trainer is wise. Personal trainers are on the team to push and develop you in a way most people can't themselves. The best athletes have mentors and trainers around them. Play your best game this year and invest in professional fitness support. 


Celebrate the small wins 


If you had a long-term goal of losing 50 pounds by the end of the year and had to wait until then to celebrate, you might not make it. By establishing short-term goals you not only ensure you're making the right steps, but you have a chance to celebrate the small wins each step of the way. By celebrating the small wins on the way you will fuel your momentum to achieving that mammoth goal you set. Celebrate your victories because it's hard work. 


Enjoy the journey 


A gym or fitness center doesn't immediately spring to mind as an inspirational place but it is. Each member at Court House is actively changing the narrative of how they see themselves and how others perceive them. We're inspired by members every day. Everyone has a story and goal they are attacking.


Whatever goals you set out for yourself this year, it's the journey that matters the most. Enjoy it, we're on it with you. 

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