Gym Etiquette 101

At this time of the year, we welcome many new members to the club, and like starting a new job, it can be nerve-wracking settling in. We know that every gym is different and getting to know the do's and don'ts takes a while, so here are a few etiquette rules that keep us all in check.

Check your health  


After months of hearing coughing, sneezing and sniffling island-wide, and avoiding the flu from family members and colleagues, the last place you should worry about getting sick is at the gym. If you are ill, we advise that you stay away!
Always carry a towel 


We take hygiene seriously at the club; all members carry personal towels to the gym and classes to keep sweat to a minimum. There's nothing worse than someone else's sweat spray interrupting your workout. 
Keep it clean 


You'll be happy to know that members use antibacterial wipes to clean down the equipment after use. We're fortunate also to have the cleanest members around who arrive in fresh gear, so you don't have to worry about bad odours
If you pull it out, pack it away 


Every piece of equipment has a home to go back to after use. You'll find that we have a range of equipment to choose from and they are stored in a way that helps maximize the space we have. The unspoken rule is - if you've used it, you put it back. When in doubt, speak to someone from the Court House team.

We've got the best equipment and facilities on the island, hands down. We're not the type of club where you drop weights on the floor and grunt loudly. We're the type of club where members share equipment at busy times and are respectful other member's time.
Be mindful of others 


From the gym floor to the locker rooms, etiquette keeps us all in check. Despite being a home away from home, please don't leave bags on benches or get dressed in the showers.
Not everyone loves selfies 


As a tech-focused facility, we love phones. We use cloud-based technology that connects our machines through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to a mobile app called mywellness, bringing all of your fitness data to one platform. However, we're not fans of members taking calls on the gym floor or taking selfies in the locker rooms. We're big on privacy and creating a space for members to workout uninterrupted.  

Parking at Court House West  


If you use Court House West and arrive by car, make sure that you use the parking bars numbers 115 - 120. Unfortunately, the parking lot is private, and if you park in other bays or on the road leading up to the club, you run the risk of your car being clamped and a $300 fine. 

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