Five takeaways from the Greezin Documentary

The Greezin Documentary produced and released by Bermuda Media was screened for the first time on November 29th at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. It has since been released via the official website,, and has looped on cable channel 77. You could also watch it in on this page.

1. 70% of Bermudians are overweight or obese. 

2. Bermuda has the highest rate of amputations as a result to type 2 diabetes which is correlated to sugar intake, food and diet. It is estimated that the cost of amputations in Bermuda is $70 million a year.

3. 50% of Bermudians have at lease 1 Chronic disease.

4. At least 7,000 people in Bermuda have diabetes. That is 14% of the population compared to , 10% in the USA and 4% in the UK.

5. Bermuda spends more on healthcare per person than any other country in the world. 

- Bermuda spends $11,200 per person on healthcare.

Catherine Burns wrote an insightful piece in the Royal Gazette on December 2nd, called, 'We are living at odds with food environment' that helps put it all in perspective.

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