Chest and Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises

Are you after a bigger chest and buff shoulders? 

If so, here are four simple but effective muscle sculpting exercises.

Dumbbell Bench Press

If you're set on building a bigger chest this year, the dumbbell bench press exercise won't disappoint. At Court House West and Central, we have an array of dumbbells, benches and ample space for you to bench away. There are also adjustable benches so you can build up your triceps and shoulders by doing the incline bench press and decline bench press variations of this exercise. 

Lying Fly

The lying fly exercise compliments the dumbbell bench press exercise superbly. Similar to the dumbbell bench press, you can also experiment with the incline and decline setups, giving you an opportunity to really sculpt your chest. This exercise is well-praised for definition. 

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is a go-to exercise for upper body strength. It can be done while sitting on a bench or standing. You can lift a dumbbell in each hand above your head at the same time or alternate. A great benefit to this exercise is that your back and triceps are also working to support you so it's a great upper body exercise.

Lateral Raise 

When working on shoulder muscles specifically, the lateral raise is a high ranking exercise. You can do it sitting down or standing up. It's a powerful exercise for shoulder muscle development as it targets the outer and rear areas as you lift challenging weights to the sides and up to shoulder level. 

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