Back of the Court - Issue 2

With Squash Coach Kristen Johnson

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The word "Legend" gets banded around in the sporting world very easily nowadays. But for this special squash player who calls our courts his home the word "Legend" is very fitting. From most places around the "Central" gym, you can hear his squash ball striking and for many of our squash players the sound of "Whack, Whack....End of the rally" is extremely familiar. His permanent smile and on and off the court and his strong scent of Paco Rabanne on leaving the gym really makes him one of the greatest members in our clubs history.

His name, of course, is Mr. Anthony Calder Smith. Anthony joined us in December of 2009 during our first year of business and has been ever present since. The reason I would class Anthony as a legend is because of his Court House player statistics. As you see below, over 7 years Anthony has logged over 200 matches, with 139 wins and even 1 tie. I did not even realize you could have a "Tie" in squash.

If you calculate all of his matches by the number of calories burnt on average in a squash match, he has burnt around 250,000 calories on our squash courts!

I would also like to share with you a little story about me and Anthony. In the middle of August last year, the Bermuda Squash team and I were in Trinidad for the Caribbean Squash championships. We became champions (somehow) and we started to celebrate and ended up on the Port of Spain bar crawl. From sources, I think the time was around 2 am - I heard the distinctive voice of Anthony call my name. There he was - a rum in hand and the same smile. He was there to watch the West Indies test match but it rained solidly for 5 days so he saw one over of cricket! I have also spotted Calder Smith in New York floating around. I wonder what country we will bump into each other next mate...

For entering all of his results since joining us it really has created a piece of history and for all of our Squash players, I strongly suggest entering your results into our Gigasports system as often as possible so we can create more archives and stories for years to come on our four squash courts.
Thanks Anthony!

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