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Bermuda's Cup
As the historic month of June comes to a close in Bermuda and we wave goodbye to the Americas Cup teams, I think we can all say what a fabulous time it was and how the island shone in every aspect to the rest of the world.

We wave goodbye to a few of our AC workers that are members. Will “Chiggers” Chignell being one, a very tidy squash player who was more injury prone than Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere. 
Do not be fooled by the super stylish "Chiggers" pictured above. He owns some of the most crinkled white squash t-shirts ever owned by a squash player.

I have also given squash lessons to the Captain of a 52metre yacht during the past month. My calculation on the size of this super yacht was done in it taking me approximately 7 seconds to run the length of it! Or for all of the squash geeks out there it is the length of 5.5 squash courts.

Danny Pell

We also must congratulate Danny Pell on his fantastic effort on being part of “Team BDA”! By the looks of it, he has turned his attention to being a male model of Bermuda shorts!!

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Court House Box League Awards

Two months ago we reignited our Squash “Box Leagues”. This has been a magnificent success with all of our Squash network at Court House no matter what their standard is taking part. Each month new players are joining, Over 60 will participate for the month of July.

Every few months on the “Back of the Court blog,” we will have the “Box League” awards. Here are the winners this time round.

Most Improved – Nick Leach 

Nick will always be in the running for awards as he is a fellow Southampton Fan! But he really has come on with his game recently! 

Most Effort – Phil “Murf” Murfet

Big smile and always working on his improvement! Well done Murf over the past few months. 

Please come and see me to collect your prizes for your hard work in our Squash leagues guys!

Best of Luck 

We wave goodbye to the Junior Bermuda Squash team this week. They are off to Guyana to represent the country.

Andrew and Coach KJ

Andrew Cox (under 11) and Taylor Carrick (Under 17), From all the staff at both of our facilities we wish you and the rest of the team the best of luck. Taylor and his family have nearly all become members which bodes well for the Squash at Court House over the next few decades (maybe etch your name onto a few club championship trophies – I am sure John Fletcher and Jason Shrubb would have something to say about that though).

Thanks for your time everyone and please keep an eye out for our next issue of Back of the Court.


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